Friday, June 19, 1863

Grant has assigned me to take command of the effort to defend against an attack by Joe Johnston on our rear. My current command will pass to the Division commanders. I have issued orders to keep the current work progressing smoothly.

HEADQUARTERS, Fifteenth ARMY CORPS, Numbers 48. 

Camp, Walnut Hill, June 19, 1863

I. Captain Kossak, having reported for engineer duty, is assigned to take charge of the approaches to, and works on, the Graveyard road. He will make application well in advance for details of men, and keep the work moving night and day. Details for this work will come from General Blair’s DIVISION.

II. Captain Jenney, of the engineers, will give direction to the work of crowning the hills in front of Buckland’s and Thayer’s brigades. Tuttle’s DIVISION will furnish details for this work to this front, and Thayer’s and Farrar’s brigades, of Steele’s DIVISION, those for the work in front of Thayer.

III. Colonel Woods, commanding brigade on the extreme right, will continue as heretofore to push his work round by the right, along the Mississippi, and will cause the ground along the Mississippi River, above the Cincinnati, to be well examined, with a view to the construction of a road in the event of the Yazoo falling to so low a stage of navigation as to be abandoned.

IV. The chiefs of artillery will advance their batteries as rapidly as the advanced works justify, prepared to crown the enemy’s works when the engineers report the work done. Their guns will always be ready for action.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:

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