Tuesday, May 12, 1863

Camp Near Auburn, Mississippi.

Grant wants to break the railroad and deprive the enemy of supply and re-enforcement. McClenand is to move on Edward’s Station, McPherson to move on Raymond and I am to move on the railroad between them.

Tuesday Morning
I have reached and crossed 14 Mile Creek with little opposition, a loss of 6 or 8 men killed and wounded. I will probably advance to the cross-roads. McClernand is ordered to gain the creek and hold it with at least one DIVISION thrown across.

Tuesday Afternoon
This afternoon, McClernand got a division across 14 Mile Creek, but was halted before reaching Edward’s Station. McPherson was attacked at Raymond by a force from Port Hudson. Grant has determined that the enemy is prepared to meet us at Edward’s Station. Grant wants McClernand to make demonstrations to hold the enemy at Edward’s Station while McPherson and I move on the railroad to the east.

Tuesday evening
We have learned that McPherson has defeated the enemy who is retreating toward Jackson. General Grant proposes to keep them on the run and take Jackson. Early tomorrow, MacPherson will go to Jackson by way of Clinton to the north and I will march straight on the Road through Raymond to Jackson.

McClernand is ordered to move three divisions to Raymond and send the fourth division to meet the supply train and escort it to Raymond.

DILLON’S PLANTATION, MISS., May 12, 1863-9. 15 p. m.

Major General WILLIAM T. SHERMAN, Commanding, Fifteenth Army Corps:

After the severe fight of today at Raymond and repulse of the enemy toward Clinton and Jackson, I have determined to move on the latter place by way of Clinton and take the capital of the State, and work from there westward. McPherson is ordered to march at daylight to Clinton. You will march at 4 o’clock in the morning and follow McPherson. McClernand will follow you with three DIVISIONS, and send his fourth back to Old Auburn, to await the arrival of trains now on the road and Blair’s DIVISION, to conduct them to the army.


We have learned that General Joe Johnston is going to Jackson to oppose us. General Grant has decided that we should beat Johnston to Jackson, then destroy the railroad there. Mcpherson will move north to approach Jackson. I will move through Raymond on the more direct route so we should arrive about the same time. We should arrive at Jackson on the 14th.

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