Sunday, May 10, 1863

Hankinson’s Ferry, Mississippi

General Grant seized control of Hankinson’s Ferry last week and we have held it as we marched up the Big Black River. The Ferry is a threat by us to cross the Big Black River here and March due north to Vicksburg. Grant has since learned that Vicksburg has strong defenses to the South. Rather than attack at their strong point, we will continue northeast toward the railroad.

Today, I recalled our troops from the Vicksburg side of the ferry and we broke the boat bridge. My troops have marched up the Big Black and are almost up with General McClernand. Tomorrow, I will march toward Auburn to put my corp in between McClernand to the North and MacPherson to the south. We will all be equidistant from the railroad and will move to break the railroad between Jackson and Vicksburg to prevent reinforcements and supplies for being sent to Vicksburg. Once on the Railroad, we will wheel toward Vicksburg and try to establish our right on the Yazoo.

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