Thursday, April 23, 1863

Camp Near Vicksburg

We mounted 2 30 pound Parrot guns within range of Vicksburg and have been firing at the railroad Depot at night. The enemy has quit using the Depot. The guns are cause some discomfort to the enemy but are of little effect.

Admiral Porter has been to Grand Gulf where the enemy is hurriedly contracting fortifications. Admiral Porter drove off a supply ship and was fired upon by the Fort. He believes the enemy has about 12,000 soldiers and 500 contrabands working on the fortifications. Admiral Porter thinks he could silence the fort, but wants to do so in conjunction with the army. If necessary, Troops could be landed below the Fort, and attack the railroad supplying Grand Gulf to force retreat. General Grant is traveling to Grand Gulf to view the situation personally.

My troops will follow McPherson’s south along the Bayou road. I need to know that his troops will have cleared the road before I being my march. I am organizing supplies and making repairs to the road so that it can be used if needed to supply our troops.

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