Wednesday, April 22, 1863

Camp Near Vicksburg

The transports and barges that were to run the Vicksburg batteries could not be ready in time, so they will be delayed. My men failed to get close enough to destroy the houses on the banks, so the passing of the boats will occur with the river lit. The boats must put wet hay and try to disguise the boilers as long as possible. Admiral Porter recommends spacing the transports so that the fires on shore lit for the first one will create smoke, then die down for those that pass later.

I am recalling General Steele from his successful raid to Greenville, north of Vicksburg. He will transport to Young’s Point and prepare to march south.

HEADQUARTERS, Fifteenth ARMY CORPS, Number 92 

Camp near Vicksburg, April 22, 1863

The First DIVISION, Major-General Steele commanding, now detached at Greenville, Mississippi, will at once return to its camp at Young’s Point, and prepare for a new move. The corps quartermaster, Lieutenant-Colonel J. Condit Smith, will dispatch to Greenville such boats as he can spare, with this order; and if General Steele, commanding the DIVISION, has not sufficient boats to move the whole command at once, he can leave a brigade, or less detachment, if prudent, and send boats back for them after reaching Young’s Point.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:
Assistant Adjutant-General.

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