Sunday, July 27, 1862

Memphis, Tennessee

I am ordering my cavalry on a mission to scout the countryside and learn of enemy activity.


Numbers 147.
Memphis, July 27, 1862.

The Sixth Illinois Cavalry, Colonel Grierson, will tomorrow morning proceed on a scout toward Germantown, going by the State Line road and returning by the Pigeon Roost or Holly Springs road. The commanding officer will proceed with great caution, falling upon and destroying or making prisoners all in arms, and arresting and bringing in all known to be aiding or abetting the public enemy.

Three days’ rations for the men will be taken along, but the horses will be foraged in the country. When forage is taken a receipt may be given, to be settled for in Memphis on the party proving his loyalty.

The scouting party will examine the country from Wolf River to the Pigeon Roost Road. The Eleventh Illinois Cavalry will in like manner proceed to scout the country between the Pigeon Roost road and the river, going out well toward Hernando, breaking up and destroying any party they may encounter.

These parties will remain out two or three days and return to their camps, the commanding officers exercising large discretion and making written reports of their scouts on their return to camp. They will be provided with the countersign for three days.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

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