Wednesday, May 28, 1862

Camp Before Corinth, Mississippi at the Russell Farm

I have reported to General Halleck my current position and ask further orders.  This is a strong position and we could intrench here and easily defend the ground.

RUSSELL’S, May 28, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK:

I occupy with two of my brigades, one of Hurlbut’s, and one of McClernand’s a ridge running east and west, which has a road down to the Mobile and Ohio road. The country to my right is a dense wood; in my front is an open field, extending to the left, in front of Davies. One of the enemy’s batteries is in sight, on the road near the blacksmith shop; they have fired at us many shells, doing little execution. The enemy has a large force in my front and a line of battle extending across the railroad to the west. Troops come in from the west; I think Chewalla. They have made their appearance at Modlin, on Bowie Hill Cut; but there is a force-Ross’ brigade-there. I left three regiments in my intrenchments. This is a good place to fortify. Shall I intrench, or shall I simply picket the place strongly and reoccupy my works?

Answer at once, as I must have daylight to lay off the lines.



I received the following orders:


If not too late, hold your position. If, however, you consider the risk too great, fall back.



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